Navigation and Czech road vignette is already in price!


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We can provide a personal driver and an escort interpreter!

With Autotrip you can travel and not be afraid to break the rules of the road in foreign countries, forget about parking rules and speed limits.


Do not worry about not knowing foreign languages, because our escort interpreter will help you to come to an agreement in any situation.


We can make a plan of events for your holiday, so that you feel as comfortable as possible.


Availability of documents (passport or biometrics, driver's license).

The minimum age is 20 years. Minimum driving experience is 1 year.


Reservation of the car for specific dates and time.

Any package is also ordered in advance.


The signing of the contract.




Payment of the deposit (130 - 400 EUR)

 + payment for car rent.




Transfer of keys, and the car is yours.





IČO: 06627986

DIČ: CZ684295865



IBAN: CZ9827000000002109709522


Car and bicycle rental in Brno. We have excellent car hire deals. Vehicles are regularly checked by mechanics and you can be sure of their reliability. You will get a clean car by the time you need it. On our machines you can travel both in the Czech Republic and in other Schengen countries.




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Česká Republika